Tech Info

Shaft System Benefits

The first “Bolt-On” Propulsion System since the development of the I/O. The System is an enclosed, oil lubricated, self-contained shaft and thrust bearing assembly designed and produced for the OEM inboard boat manufacturer.

The Seatorque system offer the following benefits:

  • Alignment issues eradicated
  • Installation time slashed
  • 8% more delivered horse power
  • 2% total mechanical losses
  • Reduced turbulence through propeller arc, increasing propeller efficiency
  • Lower underbody drag improving propulsive coefficients
  • Reduced noise and vibration from engines and propellers
  • ​Improved life of engine mounting system
  • 3,000-hour maintenance cycle
  • Standard shaft sizes range from 1″ – 4″ diameter, larger sizes available from special applications
  • Two-year, 500-hour limited warranty
  • Factory service and support, worldwide